You might agree it’s such a great feeling when you open up your fridge door to an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables staring right back at you. With your motivation for a clean diet at an all-time high, the only problem is working your way through all of the produce before they over-ripen! Here we explore ways in which to keep your fruit and veges fresher for longer, preventing food spoilage and waste, while saving money and having fresh options at hand when needed. 

Only rinse your veges when ready to use

If you’re steaming half a head of broccoli for dinner, try break the habit of rinsing the entire head of broccoli before placing the other half back in the fridge for tomorrow night. When broccoli is stored wet, it only increases the risk of rotting and discolouration.

The same applies for mushrooms, only rinse what you will use to prevent unwanted slime on the remaining stored mushrooms. With leafy greens, an effective way to soak up any excess moisture is to remove the greens from the original plastic bag you purchased them in, and place them in a container lined with paper towels. This will cut down the amount of trips to the grocer as that big bag of greens will last much longer!

Indulge in the luxuries of having herbs at hand for weeks

You’ve probably noticed that local grocers tend to sell herbs in quite large bunches. You often only make a small dent in the bunch, before it starts to wilt and make its way into the compost. Try these tricks for utilising the whole bunch:

For hardy herbs like rosemary or thyme:

Place small bunches in a dry paper towel and gently roll up before placing in the crisper, ensuring they don’t find their way to the bottom underneath heavier produce!

For tender herbs like cilantro, basil or parsley

Snip the bottom stems of the bunch and place in a shallow cup of water (only an inch or so of water), storing on the kitchen bench. Ensure you change the water daily to enhance freshness.

Store bananas in isolation

As fruits and vegetables ripen, they naturally release ethylene gas, and bananas take the award for releasing the highest amount of any fruit. That’s why the old trick of placing avocados next to a bunch of bananas allows them to ripen so fast. However let that be a warning for keeping any other fruit or vegetables away from bananas if you want retain maximum freshness!

‘Plant’ spring onions in a pot or garden

Depending on the space you have available at home, a regular bunch of spring onions purchased from the grocer can be transferred directly into soil, continuing to grow and provide offshoots for months to come. This not only saves you money, but is convenient for creative recipes ideas on the spot!

While it can sometimes be challenging to reach your daily quota of fruit and veg, hopefully these tips will prevent food spoilage and allow you to have more produce readily available throughout the week. You might find that you’re also able to buy your favourites in bulk, now that you have these tricks to keep them fresher for longer!

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