The weather has been kinder to local growers of late, so it’s almost entirely good news at the
Brisbane Produce Market this week.

Arriving from Stanthorpe are apples of every variety including Red Delicious, Gala and Fuji. Also
keep an eye out for a variety you may not have heard of — Kanzi. Originally developed in Belgium,
the sweet and crunchy Kanzi is a cross between the Braeburn and Gala varieties. Pink Lady apples
are still on the pricey side, but that will change once the new season kicks in.

From Gayndah, we’re seeing grapefruit and new season mandarins, while Queensland-grown
lemons and limes round out the citrus offering. Rockmelon and watermelon from Chinchilla are
excellent quality and are well priced, and Mareeba-grown Hass avocados are starting to arrive
(Shephard are still better value, though).

The best fruit for lunch boxes? We recommend strawberries, which you might have noticed are
increasing in supply and improving in quality. Grapes maintain their peak season quality, and
stonefruit — especially plums — are still excellent even though it’s the end of their season.
William, Packham, and Beurre Bosc pears are also plentiful.

In vegetables, supplies of broccoli, beans, capsicum, zucchini, and cucumber are all improving.
With salad leaves, lettuce, and kale all plentiful, there are no excuses for not getting your greens!
Locally grown coriander and parsley are doing well, although other herbs might be pricey.

If you’re hunting for a bargain, beetroot and corn are fantastic value at the moment, along with
potatoes, pumpkins, and onions. Roast them all up with whole garlic cloves, toss with rocket and
feta, and you’ve got a nutrient-packed roasted vegie salad.

This week’s top pick is South Australia-grown pomegranate. Regarded as a symbol of wealth and
ambition by the Ancient Egyptians, the pomegranate is particularly popular in the Middle East
where its vibrant rose-coloured seeds are used in sweet and savoury dishes. Sprinkle pomegranate
seeds over cakes, or add them to a roasted vegetable salad along with herbs and a spiced yogurt

You can buy the best of what the season has to offer at your nearest Your Local Fruit Shop.

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