Welcome to the Members section for Your Local Fruit Shop Retailers.

Here you can download member only content, including our logo, jingle, retailer info packs and much more.

Your Local Fruit Shop Logo Pack – Download

Your Local Fruit Shop Jingle Pack – Download



Your Local Fruit Shop Style Guide – Download


BPM Retailer Advisory Committee

Download contact details of your BPM Retailer Advisory Committee Representatives.

Retailer Tips - Module 1

Download this handy pack that outlines the top tips from expert YLFS Retailers.

YLFS Tasting Demo Stand Hire

Download the free hire form and agreement for a YLFS Demo Stand.

YLFS 2018 Plastic & Tote Bag Offer

Please email your completed order form to [email protected]

YLFS Retailer Monthly Newsletters

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YLFS Retailer Weekly E-Newsletters

22nd June 2018

6th July 2018

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To request a copy of a previous edition not listed, please email [email protected]

Facebook Tips

Download the handout about Facebook tips from Mireille Ryan (Social Media Marketing Institute)

Ideal Customer Profile

Download the handout about profiling your ideal customer from Mireille Ryan (Social Media Marketing Institute)

Free Food Safety Manual

Brismark has prepared this Food Safety Program Manual, which outlines your obligations under the Food Act 2006.

Update: Young & Migrant Workers

Brismark has prepared an update about some of the myths related to employing young and migrant workers.

Update: Casual Workers - review of modern awards

Brismark has prepared an updated on recent The Fair Work Commission (FWC) changes in a number of awards.