We’re overwhelmed with local produce this week, as the Gatton and Lockyer regions enter their peak season and Queensland overall becomes the major supplier of fruits and vegetables.
In fruits, Gala and Pink Lady are the pick of the apples, while rockmelons continue to be great buying both in terms of price and quality. Local lemons and all varieties of pears are in good supply, and there’s a huge volume of Hass avocados arriving from Bundaberg.

One of our early winter highlights is the emergence of Sunshine Coast strawberries — you’ll notice plenty of them arriving over the next few weeks, so expect great prices and top quality. Queensland lemons and Griffith-grown Navel oranges are our favourite citrus fruits this week, as supplies of limes and mandarins are dropping.

Gatton-grown broccoli and cauliflower are a must-add to your shopping basket, along with local beetroot, carrots, eggplant, silverbeet, and snow peas. Brussels sprouts from Gympie are in good supply, along with local sugarloaf and Chinese cabbage. Bundaberg is producing great capsicums at the moment, as well as a bumper crop of chillies.

For value and quality, we highly recommend the cherry and mini Roma tomatoes — stock up for lunch boxes, or roast them for salads and pasta sauces. The larger tomato varieties grown in Bundaberg and Bowen are coming into supply, so prices will drop. Also take a look at sweet potatoes which are abundant right now; the purple-skinned variety will add colour and interest to your roasts.

This week’s top pick is one of our local icons — the pineapple. While we might associate this tropical fruit with summer, the Queensland-grown Gold and smooth-skinned varieties are plentiful at the moment. Pineapple makes a fantastic addition to warming desserts like upside-down cake, tarte tatin, crumbles, and puddings. Or simply caramelise sliced pineapple in butter and brown sugar — rum optional — and serve with vanilla bean yoghurt or ice-cream.

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