With the combination of cool weather, shorter days, and school holidays, now’s a great time to be in the kitchen near a warm stove serving up classic winter recipes. With new season apples being released from growers’ storage, apple pies and crumbles should be on the menu. Be prepared for higher prices though, with apple production down 30% on last year.

Snack on pineapple, watermelon, and rockmelon, as well as early season strawberries — one of the best local performers. Blueberries from New South Wales are starting to return to the shelves. New Zealand grown kiwi fruit are at the peak of their season, particularly the yellow variety which is golden and has a more tropical sweet flavour.

For something completely different, try the Guanabana fruit from the evergreen Soursop tree. Arriving from Tully in north Queensland, this fruit has a green spiky shell that opens to reveal sweet and sour white flesh.
Boost your vitamin C intake with all your favourite citrus: Gayndah-grown lemons and grapefruit are great buys, as are Hickson and seedless Nectar mandarins from Queensland and Navel oranges from New South Wales.

Asian recipes will be served well by the abundant supply of vegetables such as snow peas, sugar snap peas, broccoli, broccolini, chillies, Chinese cabbage, beans, and baby red and yellow capsicums from Bowen.

Turnips and swedes from Charleton in Queensland are two of our favourites this week and would make a perfect addition to soups and casseroles. Also in good supply are parsnips from Gatton, zucchini from Bundaberg and Bowen, cauliflower, and both Kent and Butternut pumpkin.

Cherry tomatoes from Gatton and Bundaberg are fantastic buying this week, and they’d roast beautifully along with red onions and fennel for a wintery pasta sauce. Expect to pay more for cucumbers (especially the Lebanese variety) and corn, which is switching its growing region from Gatton to Bowen.

This week’s top pick is the artichoke. A Mediterranean favourite, the artichoke has a flower-like appearance with tough outer petals that need to be removed with scissors. To begin, rinse the artichoke and trim the stem slightly. Cut away the outer petals, then open up the remaining ones with your hands. Cut in half and roast with garlic, lemon, and a drizzle of olive oil.

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