Top quality fruit and salad vegetables are streaming into the Brisbane Produce Market this week — a welcome sight after the overindulgence of the past week!

As the country that put avo toast on the map, Australia must be one of the only places where avocado prices are a topic of national conversation. The good news is that prices of Shepard avocados are continuing to decrease, so now’s a great time to experiment with your favourite smashed avo recipes.

There’s a wide range of fruit in good supply this week: figs, grapes, Queensland-grown lemons, limes, plums, and nashi and Packham pears. Rockmelon is a bargain buy, due to the current oversupply. For apples, the best value is the Royal Gala and Red Delicious — both are excellent eating and in good supply. Fuji, Rockit, and Jazz apples are also plentiful. Keep an eye out for oranges, which are coming into their season in a few weeks’ time.

Berries — particularly strawberries and raspberries — are having a moment. Rich in antioxidants, berries are also one of the quickest ways to up your vitamin C intake (eight strawberries contain as much as an orange!). To use up any berries that are becoming soft and squishy, cook them on a medium heat with caster sugar and lemon juice. Once cool, stir through whipped cream for a simple berry fool.

With better weather around Australia, supplies of salad leaves and spinach have improved. Onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes, Stanthorpe-grown silverbeet, corn, beans, Lebanese cucumber and pumpkin are all great buying. In tomatoes, round varieties are better value than Roma. Expect to pay more for broccoli, peas, mushrooms, leek, capsicum, and Asian vegies.

This week’s top pick is the Imperial mandarin. Even though it’s just the start of their season, we’ve been impressed with the quality of fruit coming in from Victoria. And it’s only going to get better! Probably the most popular variety, Imperials are popular with kids because they’re easy to peel and contain few seeds. Although they’re most commonly eaten as a snack, mandarins make a great addition to sorbets, cocktails, salads, and desserts; they also work well in savoury dishes with proteins like pork or duck.

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