Everybody’s heard the phrase “summer bodies are made in winter”. Whilst we think it’s important to stay healthy all year round we understand this can get a little tough in winter. The cold, shorter days might have you wishing you were in bed or snacking on carb filled meals, however, a few simple lifestyle changes can turn winter into a time for recharging and revamping your health. To get you through the cold weather we have a few simple tips to keep you healthy this winter.

Swap Refined Carbs For Starchy Veggies

The cold weather boosts your craving for more carbs and comfort foods. This is partially due to the serotonin released when digesting these meals and due to our bodies naturally combating cold weather by putting on weight. Counteract this by eating meals high in proteins and swapping refined carbs for roasted starchy vegetables like sweet potato and corn.


Switch Up Your Routine

Winter is the perfect time to switch up your exercise routine. If the weather has you less than excited about your normal morning swim or jog then it’s time to try something different. It can be hard to shake up a routine but as your interest wanes you need to do something to keep your motivation high. A few great winter activities are Crossfit, boxing, spin classes, squash or reformer Pilates.


Get Social

If staying active during winter is a tough one for you then grab a gym partner to keep you accountable. Exercising with friends is the best way to wake up or de-stress after a long day at work. If the gym really isn’t your thing then sign up for social team sports for a fun way to get moving.

Increase Your Omega – 3s

Healthy omega-3 fatty acids are great for reducing joint pain and stiffness, making exercise that little bit easier. Furthermore, studies have shown omega 3s can combat mild depression which is present in a majority of adults during the winter months. These healthy fats will also keep you satisfied for longer, reducing the chance of binge eating.


Schedule Your Routine

Following a strict routine is not for everyone, but having a few key routine items in place will make staying healthy that much easier. Schedule three specific days and times for working out and stick to it. The other four can be rest days or activities of your choosing. Meal prepping veggies and healthy curries or stews is another way to ensure you eat well during the cold periods.

Go Vego Before 6

Many people struggle to get in the recommended five serves of fruit and two serves of vegetables every day. Instead, their diet relies too heavily on refined carbohydrates, protein and processed foods. One way to ensure you get enough vegetables each day is by only eating veggies up until 6 pm. This ensures you get enough vegetables in throughout the day but still allows meat lovers to have a protein heavy meal for dinner.


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