Fresco's Fruit Market is renowned as "the fruit shop with a heart", because frankly, they are!  

At Fresco's Fruit Market the customer will receive the freshest of fruits and vegetables.  The Market now offers some of the most naturally healthy, organic and exclusive gourmet delicatessen and grocery items.  The Market also stocks scrumptious gluten free muesli, goats cheese, prosciutto, non/gluten-free hand-made cookies, pizzas, Lebanese cuisine (including falafels and baba ganoush!), Maggie Beer Soups, Date and Fig Skinny Yoghurt, nut and dried fruit mixes, dressings, lavash bread, mouth-watering baklava - and much more - you name it they have it.  With knowledgeable staff who love to discuss the spices, herbs or fish to go best with your leeks or parsnips or which fruits to cook and serve with your roasted chestnuts, you'll never feel out of the loop, the fruit loop! At Fresco's we're a family, so come in today and become a member of our Fruity Fresco's Family! 

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