Found yourself with your hand in the work biscuit tin too many times this week? Maybe it’s time to start bringing in your own healthy snacks. Taking your lunch to work can seriously lift your game in the health department, plus it can save you some dollars as well. So here’s our top five quick and easy vegetables to pack in your lunch.

1. Carrots. You can’t go past the classic carrot stick for a veggie snack. Peel your carrot first, and cut in half lengthwise. Then cut into sticks of whatever thickness and length that you fancy.

2. Cucumbers. These guys come a close second to the carrot when it comes to veggie sticks. Wash, but don’t peel, and then cut into sticks as per the carrot. It’s not essential, but you may prefer to take out the seeds for a stronger stick. Alternatively, cut the cucumbers into round slices like a cracker.

3. Capsicum. The best thing about capsicum? You can choose between red, green or yellow or a combo of all three to add a whole lot of colour to your lunch. Cut off the top and bottom the capsicum and then remove the seed centre. Slice the capsicum in half and then lay out it out flat and start slicing it into even strips.

4. Celery. If you find the taste of celery a little bland, you’re not alone. But it’s built like a spoon so celery is perfect for scooping up a delicious dip or smothering in peanut butter. Cut off the top and bottom leaving just the stalk. If you don’t like the stringy bits, run a vegetable peeler down the stalk to remove, then cut to into lengths.

5. Cherry tomatoes. The perfect snacking vegetable for the lazy person. They’re sweet enough to eat on their own, and they are just the right size to pop straight into your mouth, so the only prep they need is a quick wash and away you go.