Produce Market Report

As parents around Queensland celebrate the return to school, lunch box-friendly fruits and veggies are proving popular this week at the Brisbane Produce Market.

The compact size and naturally sweet flavour of lady finger bananas make them a top pick for little hands and they’re really well priced at the moment. Plus, these popular bananas don’t go brown when cut, so they work well in fruit salads for kids who like a little variety.

Rockmelons and watermelons from Chinchilla are a great buy, and we’re also finding the strawberries from South Australia and Tasmania to be good quality. Black amber and blood plums are both perfectly sized for lunch boxes: look for smooth, plump, and firm fruit and store in the refrigerator for around five days.

The lemon-growing season in Mareeba is just getting started, so expect to see some excellent lemons at great prices over the next few weeks.

The hot weather around the country is taking its toll on most vegetables this week. Those in short supply include beans, lettuce, and cauliflower, so they will be more expensive.

Locally grown broccoli, chilli, corn, and cucumbers are all looking good in terms of price and quality. With its lighter skin colour, new season ginger is easy to spot but remember to use it more quickly than the old-season dark variety.

While zucchini prices are a little high, the quality and size are good. We’ve also been impressed with the okra coming in from Childers in central Queensland. It’s a good size and would be a nice addition to curries and stews.

This week’s top pick is the longan. Chinese New Year is just around the corner, meaning more exotic fruits such as dragon fruit, guava and longans are on the shelves. Sweet and mild in flavour, longans should be firm and ideally still in a bunch — removal increases the deterioration of the fruit. Store at room temperature. Delicious on their own, longans also lend themselves to many desserts and salads: try them with poached chicken, roasted macadamias, watercress, and mint.

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