Brisbane Produce Report - Mango Salad

Stormy weather, warmer temperatures, and the arrival of stone fruit at the Brisbane Produce Market are all sure signs that summer is on its way.

Yellow and white nectarines are making their first appearance: grown in Kumbia in the South Burnett region, these nectarines are at the very start of their season and are already well priced. Expect prices to rise however, as a result of the recent hail storms which has caused damage to some crops.

We’re also seeing good quality yellow and white peaches coming from local growers around Childers and Gatton. Other best buys this week include berries, particularly local blueberries and raspberries which are at their peak in terms of flavour and value. All varieties of apples are in stock, but be prepared for shorter supplies and higher prices for avocados.

The lack of rain during vegetable planting season has generated lower supplies of many vegetables including zucchini, and capsicum. However, there’s an abundance of spring asparagus from Victoria, carrots (especially locally grown dutch carrots), and both continental and Lebanese cucumbers.

Broccoli and cauliflower are at the end of their season, so expect prices to go up. Also becoming pricey are tomatoes, as demand starts to increase with the warmer weather. We’ve got light supplies of button, brown and field mushrooms from South Australia, but good supply of potatoes from Queensland where the season is just getting started.

This week’s top pick is the Kensington Pride mango, a yellow- to orange-tinged variety which is currently flooding in from the Northern Territory. Look for fruit with a sweet aroma that yields slightly to the touch and store at room temperature until ripe. Add sliced mango to desserts like pavlova and coconut tarts, turn it into a curd, or blend with milk and ice-cream for the ultimate summer thick shake. If you manage to get your hands on a green mango, try it peeled and julienned in a classic Thai salad. For savoury options, try a spicy mango salsa or a mango, avocado, coriander, and spinach salad with grilled chicken or fish.

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