The recent extreme weather conditions haven’t stopped a good supply of fresh produce being available at the Brisbane Produce Market. Prepare a delicious late summer fruit salad with Royal Gala, Red Delicious or Granny Smith apples, all in good supply. Add some Cavendish bananas which are in moderate supply or lady fingers which are plentiful. Strawberries and blueberries from Victoria and black seedless or white or red crimson grapes from NSW finish off a perfect, fresh late summer dessert or snack.

If you feel like something a bit more adventurous, try some Mamey Sapote from Duranbah. This exotic fruit is grown locally but is a native of Central America. Leathery brown skin with red flesh, Mamey Sapote is delicious on its own or added to smoothies or ice-cream. It has a pleasant peach-apricot flavour.

Keitt mangoes are available as are new season Shepard avocadoes, nashi pears and large and small-sized pineapple from Maryborough. Stone fruit is still in season with good supplies of both white and yellow peaches from Victoria and some donut peaches are also available. Good supplies of nectarines continue from South East Queensland as well as plums from Victoria.

There is a good range of varieties available in dragonfruit in both the red and white, purple bliss and pink champagne from Bundaberg are also available this week.  Supplies of William pears are expected to increase while Mangosteens are in low supply. Rockmelon and watermelon are both in good supply and good eating.

Citrus is in good supply this week with finger limes from Narangba, limes from Mareeba (including Kaffir limes), lemons and Cara Cara oranges from Dimbulah all available.

Pick of the week is the Lebanese eggplant from South East Queensland. Sometimes known as aubergine, eggplant is wonderful sautéed in olive oil. Choose medium-sized eggplants with a smooth, shiny exterior and heavy for their size. Keep them at room temperature. Tomatoes, also best at room temperature are in good eating with cherry, truss and gourmet varieties all available.

Asian vegetables are in good supply, particularly bitter gourd and bottle gourd. Add this vegetable to stir-fries or stews. Beans from Gympie, cauliflower and Brussel sprouts are all in short supply but there are good supplies of broad beans, broccoli from Lowood, broccolini and local celery. All varieties of capsicum are available including chilli peppers which are a great source of fibre. Add some colour and heat to your plate with these red beauties!

Enjoy great supplies of spring onions, squash and zucchini from Bundaberg, snow peas and sugar snaps, baby spinach, kale, lettuce, mushrooms, okra, rocket, silverbeet from WA and fennel.

Herbs are all in good supply, particularly coriander. Basil and dill are the standouts of the week though. Australian garlic and Bundaberg ginger are both available and are great added to stir-fries, salad dressings or in baked dishes. There is a moderate supply of corn, leeks and radishes, with good supplies of sweet potatoes, white potatoes and onions.

Both Lebanese and continental cucumbers are in season and great eating and would be a good addition to a late summer salad.

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