Summer production is now in full swing with abundant supplies of many of our favourite fruits and vegetables arriving at the Brisbane Produce Market. The stone fruit season is ramping up, with white and yellow varieties of nectarines and peaches gradually increasing in supply, so prices will drop over the coming week. We’ve been impressed with the excellent size and quality of apricots arriving from the Goulburn Valley, while in plums the varieties to look for are Black Diamond and blood.

Strawberries will become cheaper as supplies significantly increase due to an influx of fruit from Stanthorpe, Victoria, and South Australia. Blueberries are in good supply, and you can also find boysenberries on the shelves.

The mango season in North Queensland is starting to increase, and we’re pleased with the quality of the fruit we’ve seen so far. Other great buys this week include bananas, limes, Hass avocados, Valencia oranges, lemons, and Queensland-grown papaya, pineapple and rockmelon. Supplies of cherries and lychees are limited but are set to increase next week.

There’s never been a better week for green salads with fantastic supplies of iceberg and cos lettuce from Toowoomba, rocket, spinach and salad leaves. Bundaberg-grown tomatoes, especially cherry tomatoes, are still at their peak, so stock up and make your own tomato passata for pizza and pasta.

The market is well-supplied with locally grown celery, capsicums, chillies, corn, garlic, ginger, cauliflower, eggplant, spring onions, red cabbage, beans, sweet potato, zucchini, butternut pumpkin, and field mushrooms. From Victoria, asparagus, fennel, baby capsicum, and herbs are all great value. Vegetables affected by the heat include Asian vegetables, wombok and coriander.

Other veggies that have caught our eye this week include limited-season garden peas from Victoria and heirloom radishes from Stanthorpe. Local squash – including yellow, green, and spaghetti varieties — is one of the best bargains and an excellent source of vitamins C and B2 and dietary fibre.

This week’s top pick is watermelon from North Queensland, which is at the peak of its season in terms of quality and price. Look for fruit that feels heavy for its size and keep whole watermelons at room temperature for up to two weeks. Once cut, wrap tightly and refrigerate for up to three days. For a salad inspired by Greek flavours, combine diced watermelon with cubes of feta, halved kalamata olives, chopped mint and parsley. Slice one small red onion into slices, then soak in freshly juiced lime for a few minutes. Pour over salad and finish with ground pepper to taste.

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