The lusciously sweet perfume of mangoes is bringing summer to our shelves this week, with the Queensland mango season starting in earnest. This tropical aroma is the best way to determine whether a mango is ripe, but also look for firm fruit that gives slightly to the touch.

We’re spoilt for choice at the moment with our fruit offerings – strawberries, blueberries, yellow and red pawpaw, pineapples, red and green apples, avocado, watermelons and pears are all in good supply. The season for stone fruit like apricots, nectarine and peaches is kicking off; yellow peaches are having a particularly good week with some excellent early volumes.

Rockmelons are eating well – once again, look for fruit with a sweet smell and make sure cut rockmelons are stored in the fridge. The quality and colour of bananas is improving. Fry until caramelised and serve with coconut ice-cream, caramel, coconut flakes, roasted macadamias with fresh mint.

Kiwis and mandarins (particularly the Sumo variety) are both available, but lime and raspberry supplies are tight.

It’s a fantastic week for Queensland vegetables: we have great supplies of corn, beans, and capsicum from Bowen, as well as locally grown celery, sweet potato, broad beans, iceberg and cos lettuce, spinach, silverbeet, rocket, mesclun, yellow squash, ginger, zucchini and Chinese cabbage.

Asparagus is still plentiful but we’re expecting supplies to drop off soon. Mushrooms, radishes, Continental and Lebanese cucumbers, celeriac and kale are all well supplied. Whether you’re using tomatoes for snacking, salads or cooking, we’ve got you covered this week, with plenty of truss, heirloom and cherry tomatoes available.

This week’s top pick is the pumpkin, particularly the new Orange Glow variety. While Halloween might be inspiring carved creations, this new pumpkin variety has been cultivated with cooking in mind. The Orange Glow stands out for its edible skin, smooth texture, and smaller seed cavity which makes it easier to cut. These are particularly delicious roasted in creamy pumpkin soups with extras like cumin, coriander and lemongrass. This Halloween try the classic pumpkin pie with custard filling and caster sugar.

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