Winter production is now in full swing with abundant supplies of many of our favourite fruit and vegetables arriving into the Brisbane Produce Market this week.

Top fruit buys include rockmelon, apples, pears, watermelon, passionfruit and yellow pawpaws from Mundoo. After a tropical fruit that is sweet yet tart in taste? Look out for the smaller sized Winter variety of topless pineapples – they are guaranteed to give you that tropical feeling even in Winter.  Small and large sizes of Hass avocados from North Queensland are also plentiful with the smaller sizes perfect for a single serve.

We are seeing increased supplies of strawberries from Bellmere however supplies of blueberries and raspberries are tightening. Boost your vitamin C intake with your best-loved citrus – Navel oranges, grapefruit, tangelos, lemon and limes from Mareeba are all fantastic buys. Also, do not miss out on the various varieties of mandarins from Victoria including Imperial, Afourer and Clementine hitting the shelves at your local fruit shop.

Broccoli and cauliflower from the Lockyer Valley are back in good supplies as is celery. Local eggplant, zucchini and capsicum are plentiful and are calling out for the classic ratatouille. Chop and cook them individually in olive oil, add tomato and finish off with a last fry along with garlic, rosemary and thyme. Enjoy as an accompaniment to roast meats or on its own with some crusty bread.

It is also peak time for snow peas, sugar snaps and green beans which are arriving from Bundaberg. These versatile vegies work well in salads and sir-frys. Other well supplied vegetables include a good range of Asian vegetables, Brussel sprouts, purple cabbage, turnips, parsnips, butternut and Kent pumpkins, carrots and radishes. In short supplies are mushrooms, button squash, rhubarb, lettuce and cucumbers.

Cherry tomatoes from Gatton and Bundaberg are great buying this week and they would roast beautifully along with red onions and fennel for a Wintery pasta sauce. Inject a nutritional boost to your meals with Bundaberg-grown sweet potatoes as they are abundant and available in a range of sizes that are excellent quality. Bake, boil, mash or fry them.

Leafy greens such as kale, rocket, spinach, leeks, spring onions and silverbeet are well supplied and so are chillies, new season ginger and corn from Cudgen.

This week’s top pick is passionfruit from Dimbulah. While we might associate this tropical fruit with Summer, this hard-skinned fruit with translucent yellow flesh and small edible seeds is currently available in abundance. It has an aromatic, slightly sweet and tart flavour that makes a perfect topping for pavlova or unbaked cheesecakes. Besides eating straight from the shell, passionfruit pulp can be used in an unlimited number of dishes such as tarts, muffins, puddings, fruit bowls, smoothies, salads or meat dressings.

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