Conditions around the country remain unchanged this week, with consistent supply levels across both fruits and vegetables at the Brisbane Produce Market.

Strawberries are still one of our bestselling fruits, with sweet and juicy fruit arriving from many local suppliers. Although raspberry supplies have decreased, they are still eating beautifully.

Pink Lady and Granny Smith are the best value apple varieties, while Imperial mandarins from Gayndah and limes from Dimbulah are fantastic quality and well-priced.

A Mediterranean favourite, the blood orange is only available for a short time and has a tart, mildly sweet flavour with a hint of raspberries. Look for blood oranges with firm skin that are heavy for their size and smell fragrant. Use the vibrantly coloured juice in drinks and desserts or add sliced segments to salads.

Have you noticed that avocados are looking much bigger than usual? It might be the Hazzard variety, which will be in stock for the next four to six weeks from our growers around Mount Tamborine.

Lady Finger bananas are at a premium while pineapple, watermelon, pawpaw and blueberries are all running low.

In vegies, local Queensland producers are delivering plenty of well-priced options this week. From Bundaberg, snow peas, eggplant, sweet potatoes and capsicum are all great buys. Handpicked beans from far north Queensland and broccolini from the Lockyer Valley are the best of the greens at the moment. Zucchini, ginger, radishes and shallots are all well-supplied.

This week’s top pick is lobok, also known as the white radish or daikon, which is in season throughout winter. Grown in Queensland, the lobok looks a bit like a large white carrot. Look for firm vegetables that are heavy for their size and store for up to two weeks.

A favourite in many Asian cuisines, the lobok’s mild, sweet flavour works well in Japanese and Korean dishes, pickles, salads, soups and stews. For a zesty coleslaw, combine julienned lobok with shallots, coriander, sesame oil or use lobok as a complement to a sausage dish.

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