Lovers of fresh fruit and vegetables will be rejoicing this week as the weather conditions in most regions have produced an abundant supply of fresh fruit and vegetables, all available from the Brisbane Produce Market. But spare a thought for Stanthorpe farmers as they had to tackle flood conditions during the season. Despite the weather, Stanthorpe farmers were able to provide a moderate supply of green beans and Gala apples to the market. So why not support Stanthorpe farmers buy some green beans and whip up a tasty salad for lunch, or invent a new dessert using Gala apples. Our produce pick for this week are Stanthorpe’s green beans.

Cavendish and green bananas are all in good supply, as are white grapes from Victoria. Black Muscat grapes are also great eating this week. Blueberries from Tasmania are still in great supply but it’s nearing the end of the season for strawberries and there are shorter supplies of raspberries this week.

There is still a great supply of large Keitt mangoes from Mareeba and an abundant supply of pineapples from all over Queensland perfect for those late summer fruit salads. Add some red and yellow pawpaw and green papaya from Innisfail and you have a wonderful tropical dessert.

If you feel like something a little more exotic for a special occasion, why not try some figs from South Kolan, banana bells, tropical starfruit from New South Wales, lychees, longans or yellow-skinned dragonfruit from the Sunshine Coast. Mangosteens are also in good supply and good quality this week.

Both white and yellow flesh peaches from Victoria are also in good supply, with quality donut peaches available. Nectarines are in good supply and good eating from South East Queensland and Victoria. Still, on stone-fruits, both blood and black plums are excellent eating this week. Some small-sized pears are in good supply.

Victorian apricots are a great choice. Impress your guests by poaching apricots in wine and serving with cream and ice-cream for a delicious summer treat!

Shepard avocados from Tolga and Hass varieties from Western Australia are in good supply and rockmelons are good quality and in good supply. Watermelon from North Queensland is good eating this week.

There is a good supply of lemons available this week from the Northern Territory. An abundant supply of limes from Mareeba, a moderate supply of finger limes and great quality Valencia and Cara Cara oranges from Nael, round out the citrus supplies for the week.

Asian veggies are in good supply as is cabbage, Lebanese eggplant, corn, both Lebanese and baby cucumbers, kale, leeks, lettuce, rocket, spinach, spring onions, squash, zucchini and onions. Snow peas and sugar snaps are excellent quality but in moderate supply, as is fennel, celery, and mushrooms.

All herbs are in good supply as the weather conditions are ideal. The pick of the herbs this week is thyme, followed closely by coriander. Garlic from East Queensland and ginger from Yandina is in good supply.

There is a good supply of good quality garden peas from Gympie as well as red, yellow and green capsicums. Capsicum snacking caps are also available and a great option for school lunchboxes. There are moderate supplies of beans, a good supply of broad beans but prices are at a premium and a moderate supply of broccolini.

Finally, enjoy the range of cherry, truss and gourmet tomatoes. Choose from purple and golden varieties of sweet potato or the traditional Dutch cream potatoes in good supply this week.

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