Leek soup with bread crumbs and rock salt

Queensland-grown produce is plentiful with lunchbox options like bananas (including Lady Fingers), oranges, Packham pears, and raspberries. Sunshine Coast pineapples are of excellent quality – just right for dreamy coconut hummingbird cake. Hass avocados from north Queensland are plentiful — look for firm, dark green coloured fruit if you don’t need to eat them right away.

All varieties of apples are widely available, as are Imperial mandarins and watermelon. Citrus like lemons and limes are top quality and can last a long time in the fridge.

Strawberry and blueberry supplies are improving, but both pomegranates and nashi are becoming harder to find. Passionfruit and rockmelon are still in short supply, while the season for custard apples, grapes, and plums has ended. The recent cold snap has had an impact on supplies this week, with a number of vegetables including cauliflower and broccoli in short supply.

Winter vegetables like pumpkin, carrot, fennel, and potatoes have been flying off the shelves this week as we move towards cooking more comfort food.

Well-priced vegetables this week include cabbage, fennel, eggplant, garlic, sweet potato, cucumbers, and lettuce. While salads might not be on the menu as frequently, there are good supplies of greens like rocket, salad leaves, kale, shallots, and spinach. Radishes work well in crisp green salads or on a crudite platter.

Boost the flavour of your winter dishes with great-value garlic, new season ginger and all varieties of herbs. Stir-fries are a family favourite and all Asian vegetables from bok choy to wombok are looking fantastic this week.

Other vegetables in good supply include mushrooms, onions, potatoes, brussels sprouts, and Bundaberg-grown capsicums. For a warming winter dessert, you can’t go past rhubarb crumble or stewed rhubarb with vanilla, cinnamon and brown sugar. Beans, broccoli, cauliflower, and zucchini have all been struggling with the cold, so supplies are short.

This week’s top pick is the often-overlooked leek, a member of the allium family. Look for medium-sized, white-stemmed crisp leeks with bright green tops and store in the fridge for up to a week. When cooked, they have a mild, slightly sweet onion flavour that is wonderful in wintery soups, tarts, and pies. Pair leeks with ingredients like cheese, eggs, garlic, bacon, chorizo, olive oil, chicken, fish, lemon, basil, sour cream, and parsley.

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