Queensland produce takes centre stage as spring hits the Brisbane Produce Market this week, with North Queensland entering its peak production period and the Lockyer Valley continuing its bumper season of vegies.

We’re seeing strong supplies of passionfruit, pineapple, navel oranges, and North Queensland-grown papaya, honeydew and rockmelon. You may be surprised to spot peaches back on the shelves — they’re the yellow-flesh variety coming out of Childers in central Queensland.

Strawberries from the Sunshine Coast continue to be a star performer, although supplies are steadying. You should notice prices of Hass avocados dropping at the moment, given their abundant supply.

Blueberries are firmer in price due to lower volumes, and now’s your last chance to grab mandarins before the season finishes. Raspberries from NSW are expensive, as are the Kensington Pride and Calypso mango varieties from the Northern Territory.

The Lockyer Valley is continuing to deliver excellent quality vegetables this week, including broccoli, cauliflower, Drumhead cabbage, silverbeet, and iceberg lettuce. From north Queensland, we recommend beans, corn, zucchini, Mareeba-grown Kipfler potatoes, snow peas, and tomatoes (roma and cherry tomatoes, as well as the large heirloom variety from Peak Crossing).

We’re also seeing good supplies of fennel, eggplant, Chinese cabbage, and sweet potato, as well as an abundance of chillies from Bundaberg. After a variable patch, all varieties of mushrooms are well stocked. Lebanese cucumbers continue to be expensive due to limited volume.

A less common recommendation this week is horseradish, which is in supply until Christmas. Add shredded horseradish to whisked cream, sour cream, chives, and lemon juice for a creamy sauce that pairs well with steak or roast beef.

This week’s top picks are herbs and soft leafy lines like baby spinach, rocket, salad leaves, and coriander. In particular, look out for micro herbs from Victoria, as well as gourmet lettuce varieties such as green and red oak, baby cos and butter lettuce grown in South East Queensland. To store salad leaves, place them in a container lined with paper towels in the crisper for up to a week (or more if you’re lucky!). For a classic green salad, combine mixed leaves, lettuce, and spinach with sliced celery, shallots, cucumber and fennel, then dress with a dill vinaigrette.

You can buy the best of what the season has to offer at your nearest Your Local Fruit Shop. Go to www.yourlocalfruitshop.com.au to locate your closest store. Check out the Your Local Fruit Shop Facebook page for the latest news from your local fresh produce experts at https://www.facebook.com/yourlocalfruitshop

For further information, please contact Jane Schmidt, Marketing & Communications Executive, Brismark on 07 3915 4311 or via email [email protected]