Pamper your mum this Mother’s Day with home cooked delicious treats made from fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables available at the Brisbane Produce Market this week.

For mums with a sweet tooth try baking a slightly crunchy sweet apple tart as apples are at their peak with plenty of varieties readily available. For a delicious savoury breakfast in bed, try a traditional potato rosti made from washed potatoes and served with fresh rocket, shavings of smoked ham, cooked eggs, chives and a dollop of hollandaise sauce.

In season fruit this week includes Corella and Packham pears, Imperial mandarins, Navel oranges, Hass avocados from North Queensland, persimmons, nashi, grapefruit and Australian grown kiwi fruit – all in good supply. Pinks Mammoth custard apples continue their good run in terms of quality and volume. Get into grapes while you can as their season has only a few weeks left.

There are good supplies of raspberries however supplies of both strawberries and blueberries are inconsistent. Queensland grown pineapple and rockmelon are in moderate supply whereas watermelons and red pawpaw are good eating with plenty of availability.

Want to impress your nan this Mother’s Day? The answer is Rosella jam. Made from fresh in season fruit, packed full of vitamin C and fibre, Rosella jam is the quintessential Australian jam. Rosellas are made up of two usable parts clayx (petals) used for syrups or juices and buds plus the green seed inside the fruit used for making jams, jellies or marmalades.

We are warming up the wok this week cooking up a storm with stir fry veggies. Get some carrot, purple cabbage, broccoli, asparagus, mushroom, chestnuts, chillies, Asian veggies and Bundaberg grown red capsicum as they are all in good supply. In shorter supplies are corn, snow peas and okra. Baby broccoli, celery, spring onion, silverbeet and leeks are in excellent quality and so is Lockyer Valley grown cauliflower. They all represent best buys this week.

Local baby eggplant, Kent pumpkins and coriander are calling out for a Thai curry whereas root vegetables like onions, sweet potatoes, parsnips, beetroot and fennel are all available in good supply and just waiting to be created into comforting roast dinners.

Continental cucumber and locally grown cherry and heirloom tomatoes are also in good supplies. There is a moderate supply of zucchini, kohlrabi and rhubarb but with milder temperature expect supplies to increase in the coming weeks.

This week’s top pick is a member of the onion family, the leek. Choose medium sized leeks with a firm white stem and bright green leaves and store in the fridge loosely wrapped for up to a week. When cooked they have a slightly sweeter, mild onion flavour that blends well in soups and pies. For a delicate winter soup, pair leeks with potatoes to create a creamy white soup. Leeks can be oven baked and served with either a roasted chicken or grilled fish with a hint of lemon juice and olive oil.

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