Spice up your cooking this month with a range of exciting seasonal vegetables. Your Local Fruit Shop is in steady supply of your winter favourites: citrus fruits, root vegetables and leafy greens. However, unexpected weather patterns have brought us a variety of unique produce. Get creative with a few of our favourite products in store.


Micro Herbs

Micro herbs are filling up the shelves this month. You’ve probably seen them decorating the pates of trendy cafes and hatted restaurants. Carefully used as decoration, these herbs can pack a flavoursome punch and are actually quite high in nutrients. Micro herbs are seedlings of plants and herbs such as kale, beet, watercress and coriander. They are harvested before the plant is fully grown and usually chopped off from above soil, removing the roots from the herbs. Grab some while you can and add to your dishes for a little flair.



Blueberries are dropping in price due to weather patterns. Keep an eye out for new larger varieties. These little pockets of antioxidants are a great addition to any meal. Get over hump day with some delicious blueberry pancakes. Using a blender, combine 1/4 cup quick oats, 1 banana and an egg until it makes a thick batter. Add a sprinkle of blueberries and spoon into the pan. You can top these with fresh strawberries, bananas and yogurt.


Green Mango

Northern Territory green mangos have started hitting the shelves at Your Local Fruit Shop. Green mangos are high in vitamin A and C and are used in a surprising number of dishes around the world. Switch up your weeknight dinners and try making a Sri Lankan Green Mango Curry, Thai Green Mango and Prawn Salad or grilled salmon with zesty green mango salsa.



Witlof is a top pick at the moment at Your Local Fruit Shop. This vegetable is a relative of radicchio and is not a root vegetable, but a leafy vegetable grown underground. Witlof should be bought when the leaves are a light, creamy in colour and still closely packed together. Keep it stored in paper bags as light will turn the leaves green and bitter. Witlof has a slightly tart and nutty taste so it works well when baked in a gratin with cheese, prosciutto and rosemary. It can also be braised in lemon or white wine and served as a side dish with salmon or ham.


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